Platinum Park

At the fringe of KLCC Park, once lies a few sparsely located residential bungalows on over a 9-acre land. This strategically located land that overlooks the Park in the prime CBD area of Kuala Lumpur, was then conceptualised to be an international business and lifestyle destination for the city.

Platinum is one of the rarest metal elements on earth. In the hands of a master craftsman, platinum becomes a valuable adornment and solid investment, brilliantly transformed by design and distinction. Hence, to rediscover this brilliance, Platinum Park came into being as the place to be.

Through the renowned experience and expertise of Naza TTDI as the master developer, three Grade A office towers have been completed together with an array of retail spaces and amenities. This will be followed by residential spaces, boutique hotel and further additional retail spaces that will complement the overall development.

Platinum Park is indeed a place of “Brilliant by Distinction”.


Enjoy a stroll through Platinum Park and take the opportunity to admire the contemporary creations of local sculptor artist, Nizam Abdullah. You will come across a collection of outdoor sculptures such as The New Future, The Foundation and Togetherness. These sculptures signify the connectivity between people, organisation and community within Platinum Park that depicts cooperation and harmony.

In the quiet and peaceful evening, mesmerise yourself with green landscape features and lightings while enjoying the calmness of soothing music played throughout the park over a cup of coffee. What a better way to end your day by relaxing at this urban setting in the heart of the city.